Health Pillar


The Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) is a multinational effort to foster integrated sub-regional cooperation and capacity-building among Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Under the LMI Health Pillar, the United States is working to narrow the development gap in ASEAN through the delivery of trainings and technical assistance to improve human health and build capacity in the health sector. The pillar is co-chaired by Cambodia and the United States.


The LMI Health Pillar leverages U.S. subject matter expertise to promote dialogue and information exchange among LMI partner countries. It encourages policies and programs that support public health, with an emphasis on cross-cutting and transnational issues through:

  1. Prevention, detection and mitigation of the impact of Communicable and Infectious Diseases;
  2. Prevention and control of counterfeit as well as substandard medications;
  3. Implementation of the WHO’s International Health Regulations;
  4. Innovative Antimicrobial Resistance measures; and
  5. eHealth Technology.