Education Pillar


The Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) is a regional effort to foster integrated sub-regional cooperation and capacity building among Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Under the LMI Education Pillar, the United States is supporting LMI partner countries through bilateral and regional programs that improve English language capacity, increase technical and teacher training, and foster greater regional cooperation.  This pillar is co-chaired by Thailand and the United States.


The LMI Education Pillar is designed to build educational ties and cooperation across the LMI sub-region. This includes improving sharing of best practices within the LMI partner countries in a variety of strategic and technical areas, increasing technical English skills among relevant LMI participants, and enhancing communication between policy makers and scientists across all pillars.  This pillar seeks to:

  1. Increase English language and technical English capacity.
  2. Promote technical training and networking opportunities among experts, including through the use of existing LMI regional training centers and institutes.
  3. Broaden opportunities for sub-regional exchanges of experts and as well as with the United States.
  4. Support ASEAN integration in the education field by focusing on policy areas which will foster that process, such as equivalency and accreditation at the tertiary level.
  5. Encourage regional cooperation on educational reform.